Red Bull 'The Art of Can' @ The F.U.E.L. Collection...Philadelphia


The Red Bull Art of Can is a worldwide exhibition that invites any and all artists and non-artists to do their thang with the Red Bull can. Build, sculpt, weld, glue, hammer, sew, bend, print, get the picture. The result: an incredible exhibit of creativitiy and cleverness...and of course, an ultra-hip crowd.

Artist (and fashionista...) Linda Smyth won third place for her "Flying Bull" sculpture (pictured below)...

...but she wins first place in my book for rocking these leggings

"Flying Bull" by Linda Smyth

First Place: "Fueling The Rat Race" by Alexandra Faith Money

Matching Couple: Bboy Tony Ynot (right) and Deserie (left).

Fashionista, artist and Topstich Boutique owner Francesca Sloan

"Babullshka" by Francesca Sloan

"In The Ruff" by Charles Manning

"RB Purse" by Roberta Paz Nicolini Perales


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  1. the work is phenomenal. The leg fashion is innovative as well as fun flirty with a sense of decorum. You are beyond cutting edge, and i look forward to being able to purchase your work.

    This is art in wearable, touchable and affordable work.


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