Rock Steady Crew 30th Anniversary..."Rock Steady Love" art & photo exhibit @ adidas originals in soho

This was the opening reception. The show (which I was in charge of, thank you very much) was called "Rock Steady Love" and featured RSC-inspired works by acclaimed graffiti writers and photographers Henry Chalfant, Jose Parla, Joe Conzo, Ernie Pannicioli, Carlos 'Mare 139' Rodriguez, 'East 3', Marc 'Smerk' Cancino, Ervin Arana, and Ani Yapundzhyan.

Line before opening

Photographer Ernie Pannicioli and Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn

Bboy, (graffiti) writer Marc 'Smerk' Cancino

Crazy Legs and his "Crazy Legs" Adidas jacket circa '83. And photographs on the right by Henry Chalfant.

Carlos 'Mare 139' Rodriguez

Jose Parla = SOLD

Ervin Arana (left) and 'East 3' (right)

Marc 'Smerk' Cancino

Ernie Pannicioli...legendary

Crazy Legs and photographer Joe Conzo

Joe Conzo
Its' kind of hard to see the photos, but the 2 on the left are old black and white's (from like '81 or '82), and the colored ones on the right are of RSC today.


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