Party @ The National Arts Club...Gramercy Park

I'm not exactly sure what the party was for, but it was at The National Arts Club, a private--not to mention posh-- club whose membership is dedicated to furthering art and artists in America, located in the historic Tilden Mansion in Gramercy Park. Needless to say the crowd was polished and perfectly put together.

Her whole look is just so right on. I mean, how fab is she in that hat!?

The one and only Patrick McDonald

The distinguisehd Mr. Glenn Belverio

Working the neck accessories...

My guess is that her Chanel pin and jacket are real...


NYC's most fabulous doorbitch Thomas Onorato and Glenn Belverio

Red Bull 'The Art of Can' @ The F.U.E.L. Collection...Philadelphia


The Red Bull Art of Can is a worldwide exhibition that invites any and all artists and non-artists to do their thang with the Red Bull can. Build, sculpt, weld, glue, hammer, sew, bend, print, get the picture. The result: an incredible exhibit of creativitiy and cleverness...and of course, an ultra-hip crowd.

Artist (and fashionista...) Linda Smyth won third place for her "Flying Bull" sculpture (pictured below)...

...but she wins first place in my book for rocking these leggings

"Flying Bull" by Linda Smyth

First Place: "Fueling The Rat Race" by Alexandra Faith Money

Matching Couple: Bboy Tony Ynot (right) and Deserie (left).

Fashionista, artist and Topstich Boutique owner Francesca Sloan

"Babullshka" by Francesca Sloan

"In The Ruff" by Charles Manning

"RB Purse" by Roberta Paz Nicolini Perales


Gotta Love John Galliano...


John Galliano Spring '08
Frothy. Frilly. Fabulous. John Galliano's spring collection reminds me of being a young girl surrounded by the most glitzy, glamorous women in the world. What an impression that would make? The glittery, flawless makeup; the extravegent hair accessories; the bedazzling jewels...and of course, the ridiculously spectacular gowns and dresses. Thank you, Galliano, for keeping decadence and eccentricity alive and well in the imaginations of women everywhere.

On the street...L.E.S.

FRESH Off the Runway...Spring 2008

YES, PLEASE...! Chanel's ankle purses are, for lack of a better word, straight up cool. Kudos to Karl for coming up with such an impressionable little invention. It's a stylish alternative--if you rock it right, that it is--to the brand's signature quilted handbags.

I have a feeling young Hollywood hipsters and fashionistas, as well as the non-Hollywood hipster set, are going to get their hands on these as quickly as you can say "monitoring device", which apparently was Lagerfeld's inspiration.

Christian Dior
A certain style channel proclaimed suspenders a "fashion don't"--and I completely disagreed with them, questioning to myself, "Who's writing this stuff?"
I'm glad Galliano disagrees, too. I just love this outfit.

Pretty Dresses at Lanvin
One of my favorite collections of the season, designer Alber Elbaz hit the nail on the head with his gorgeous goddess-worthy dresses--from their brilliant color to their fluid shapes. Bravo!

Ladies in the House.....on the street in the L.E.S.

H20 Flow in the House...

I love these sisters. They're smokin' hot and talented--and they rock their style.

H20 Flow in the House: Dawn (left) and Jane (right) Stone

Here's their album:

"Autumn Equinox" celebration hosted by Glenn Belverio...lower east side

Glenn Belverio is the author of Confessions from the Velvet Ropes

The fabulous Glenn Belverio and Patrick McDonald

I was thinking about Madonna in Boderline when I was getting dressed...

Metallic oxfords--they're back seen at:

RSC 30th Anniversary...kickoff party

The diamond anniversary for legendary Rock Steady Crew. The RSC 30th was a week-long string of events--Bboy/Bgirl battles, dance classes, a funk party, panel discussions, a special art show and, of course, the free outdoor concert and official afterparty. Always good people and good times--and great steez.
Photos by the one and only Joe Conzo.

Fever One

Bgirl Mega



Ladies in the by Ernie Pannicioli

...Fellas in the House

Pioneer status: Crazy Legs and Grand Master Caz

Rock Steady Crew 30th Anniversary..."Rock Steady Love" art & photo exhibit @ adidas originals in soho

This was the opening reception. The show (which I was in charge of, thank you very much) was called "Rock Steady Love" and featured RSC-inspired works by acclaimed graffiti writers and photographers Henry Chalfant, Jose Parla, Joe Conzo, Ernie Pannicioli, Carlos 'Mare 139' Rodriguez, 'East 3', Marc 'Smerk' Cancino, Ervin Arana, and Ani Yapundzhyan.

Line before opening

Photographer Ernie Pannicioli and Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn

Bboy, (graffiti) writer Marc 'Smerk' Cancino

Crazy Legs and his "Crazy Legs" Adidas jacket circa '83. And photographs on the right by Henry Chalfant.

Carlos 'Mare 139' Rodriguez

Jose Parla = SOLD

Ervin Arana (left) and 'East 3' (right)

Marc 'Smerk' Cancino

Ernie Pannicioli...legendary

Crazy Legs and photographer Joe Conzo

Joe Conzo
Its' kind of hard to see the photos, but the 2 on the left are old black and white's (from like '81 or '82), and the colored ones on the right are of RSC today.