"Cocktails and Cufflinks" hosted by Patrick McDonald @ the Verdura Salon, New York

New York 'Dandy' and fashion fixture Patrick McDonald hosted a swanky cocktail party Thursday night at the Verdura Salon on 5th Avenue to celebrate the launch of their new cufflink collection. Guests, a mix of fashionistas, industry insiders and high society peeps, were treated to free flowing (and extremely yummy) prickly pear martinis and an up-close-and-personal view of Verdura's insanely beautiful jewelry collections (ring for $49,000, anyone?). While I've never been one to wear fine jewelry (I'm more the 'ghetto gold nameplate earrings' type...), I was lucky enough to try on a few pieces, and lets just say I 'get it' now. A $100,000 necklace could make anyone look fabulous! (Verdura jewelry has been coveted by royalty, Hollywood and high society for nearly a decade.) Being there with my date, the always fabulous Mr. Glenn Belverio, however...PRICELESS.

Host Patrick McDonald and guest

Kenny Kenny

Lovely Ladies: Nancy Baicich and Laren Stover

Love the shoes, Nancy!

Douglas Keisler

Cator Sparks

Phillip Blonde

Blonde's Balenciagas

Master of Hair Design: Stephen Knoll

The view from the Salon

...And several prickly pear martinis later @ the Regency Hotel: Glenn Belverio and moi

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