Neil Jackson Beach Themed Birthday House Party...LES


Now THIS is my idea of a good house party. The highly anticipated arrival of the "Neil Jackson Beach Themed Birthday House Party" has come and gone (until next year...), but the memories--and these pictures--are forever. Call me old, but it's been quite some time since I've been to a Heineken-sponsored, wall-to-wall packed party in the Lower East Side complete with 2 DJ tables, full lighting design and big flat screen TV monitor overlooking a makeshift dance floor. Here's to good times...

Birthday boy Neil and Crazy Legs

Side note:
OK, as much as I don't like to include bashing of any sort on my blog, I feel it's my fashionable duty (this is MY house of style, after all...) to offer a word of advice on the subject of "perching." Ladies, it is never a good look to let your toes hang far over the ends of your shoes, almost to the point of touching the ground. Shoes speak volumes about ones style and it is one of the ultimate faux pas to perch like a bird, especially in fabulous shoes. They're called foot petals. Please use them...

...And only because this was a beach-themed party is it OK that this guy is wearing these rainbow glasses. Note to boys: Kanye doesn't wear these anymore. You shouldn't either.

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