Rock Steady Crew 31st Anniversary...Pre-Party @ adidas Originals, SoHo

Another year, another anniversary. Rock Steady Crew kicked off their famous annual RSC Anniversary--this year marks their 31st--with a pre-party at the adidas Originals, SoHo store on Wednesday night. The party is just the beginning of the 4-day event, which will include crew battles, a funk party, a free outdoor concert, after parties, and of course, lots of legendary Hip Hop heads. Stay tuned...

Hip Hop in the House: Crazy Legs and Grandmaster Caz

Marc 'Smerk' Cancino


Like Father, Like Son: Armani and Sweepy and their colorful kicks below

Renegade, Fever 1, and Jeskilz

Neil Jackson and Danielle Saxe

The newly tricked out adidas Originals store, complete with 2 computerized shoe stations to customize your own kicks, and a video and camera wall in the shape of the adidas logo where you can take pictures, print them out, and be featured on the wall.

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