There's nothing like Halloween in NYC. Although I don't usually dress up for the occasion (I play dress up every day, so...) I love taking pictures of everyone else in costume.

I asked him how long it took him to get ready. He said 2 hours AND he styled the wig himself. Very impressive! Thing had to have weighed a ton.

Talk about a great costume. I took this photo at work. She's dressed as our fabulous first lady Michelle Obama (well, she will be in like 3 days...) who recently wore head-to-toe J.Crew--and even gave it a plug--on the Jay Leno show.

The backward guy and the Brit

Disco fever

A few things here...One, my camera ran out of batteries so I had to use my friend's camera which has this strange burgundy tone. Two, these next ladies were representing fruits. Below, yellow = lemon...

...Red = Cranberry? Apple? Cherry? None of the above folks. She explained to me that she was a coffee fruit (huh???). Something about the bean before it gets roasted is actually a fruit. At the time I didn't quite get it. I'm bigtime coffee drinker, but truth be told, that's about as far as it goes, so, always needing to 'figure it out' I looked it up on Wikipedia. She was a coffee BERRY (look closer at her headpiece)--the small fruit that grows on the coffee plant where the coffee beans come from. Ahhhhh....

There was blue = blueberry girl, too, but by the time coffee berry explained herself to me, blueberry was nowhere to be found. O'well...

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