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A serious fashion set turned up Wednesday night to celebrate the launch of Six Scents, a new fragrance initiative that pairs designers and perfumers to help raise money for select charities (smelling good for a great cause...I like it!). Hosted by London-based designer Gareth Pugh, with tunes provided by The MisShapes, the party was held high atop Bowery in an all white, glassed in gallery space at the New Museum.

This year's designers and fragrances: Alexandre Herchovitch - "Urban Tropicalia", Bernard Willhelm - "Wicken 3000", Cosmic Wonder Light Source - "The Spirit of Wood", Gareth Pugh - "Diagonal", Jeremy Scott - "Illicit Sex" (this was my friend Glenn Belverio's appropriate), and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi - "Teen Spirit".

I loved her Kimono-style jacket. It's always nice to see color in a sea of all black. I love how the leather clutch on the left is in the exact same colors, too.

The sophisticate and the school girl...cute.

Sharp shooter: Check out that belt buckle

Anh Tuan Pham and friend (whose name I'm not sure how to spell but I know it's pronounced 'We')

This is Chad. He wears his makeup like this every day (of course I asked). He said it takes him like an hour to put on. How cool does he look against the chartreuse elevator wall?

Speaking of the chartreuse elevator wall, I couldn't resist taking photos in there. A) it was just so big. And B) how often do you see chartreuse elevators? Me with my date Glenn Belverio (and his new pewter Piere Hardy shoes).

No, it's not coc he's doing there on the mirrored surface, he's actually smelling perfume. Guests could smell all 6 designer fragrances from a shiny black plexiglass riser like you see here. See the holes in the corner? That's where the scent came out.

These are some serious spiked boots.

View from the terrace

Sophia LaMar...

...I asked her about her shoes and she said she made them herself. "You have to be creative in times like this--a recession." I agree 100% and will be keeping my out for more recession-inspired fashion.

The hair, the green layers...she reminds me of mother earth.

I'm a big fan of suspenders

Flower girl

Beautiful Sophie Na and Glenn Belverio

For more on the evening, check out Glenn's post on Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion

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  1. I love the schoolgirl look with the saddle shoes and white socks.It is adorable.


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