Inside the Tents...Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Bryant Park, NYC

Bryant Park is, once again, abuzz with fashion, fabulousness, a few familiar faces--and an overwhelming amount of fur. Cover your eyes PETA. Here's a look inside the tents at New York Fashion Week...

Bright red bag + molten metallic jacket (+ nice big smiles) = absolutely adorable

Perfectly preppy from head to toe (...and love the fur stole finish)

Lynn Yeager

Stylist David C. Melton...perfectly put together (and always working a bag)

In Short: She's rockin' her look

Barney's creative director, Simon Doonan

Carine Roitfeld (left), editor-in-chief French Vogue

Fashion Statements: Saying it loud and proud--and keeping it stylish while they're at it--with their Fashion Checklist bags.

Leopard love...

Black, white (and fabulous all over)...


The girl told me they look much better with their laces, but I thought they were pretty cute without them, too...

I like the pearls, but what about those glittery shoes...?

Rockin' Robin: Stylist Robyn Fernandes

Mad for plaid (scarves, that is)


Tickled Pink: Notice her little car bag...

I just liked his makeup...

Green With Envy: I love her gradient green Prada bag

Elle style editor, Kate Lanphear (she's got great hair)

From the hat and glasses to the tie clip and cuffed jeans, I really like his look (...and her shoes)

Not the most flattering picture of Anna Wintour (sorry, Anna...), but how could I resist putting Vogue's editor-in-chief (Ms. Devil Wears Prada herself) in my humble House of Style?


  1. Love your blog, your life seems so glamorous and surreal. What do I do to mine like yours?!?!?


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