Rock Steady Crew 32nd Anniversary Afterparty...Sullivan Room, Soho

The official RSC Anniversary Afterparty on July's the one event where even the Anniversary producers can finally let off a little steam. This year the party was at Sullivan Room, located on Sullivan Street in New York's Soho neighborhood.
The scene: House music and breakbeats all night long. Combine New York's best Voguers and house dancers with the world's top breakers and you get one insanely fun dance party.

Strike a Pose
I LOVE live congas!
This artist, whose name escapes me, painted like 2 or 3 paintings over the evening (they were really good, too). Impressive.Boho-chic
Takin' Over the Turntables: Crazy Legs (giving a little love to the camera) provided the breakbeatsMr. Everything: Sebastian Serrano (a.k.a. Sab)—RSC's event producer/manager and partner in crime.
RSC's Pop Master Fabel
Doin' the sidestepFormer model (and currently fabulous), my lovely girlfreind from Australia, Hedley Galt with her new friend the pink flamingo.Me, Pink Flamingo, Bgirl Mega and Hedley
RSC's Lea Maxwell and boyfriend Jeff
The One and Only: Crazy Legs
The many faces of the fabulous Hedley:

I sure am going to miss you, darling!
Hats off to the artist
Crazy Legs Has Left The Building: Thoroughly exausted, it's finally time to exit the Anniversary.
Bboy Maynard: "Peace" (and we out!). Until next year...

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  1. looks like it was a blast! oh - how i miss NYC. And those Miu Miu shoes? so beautiful i could cry...


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