INA Men Store Opening...Prince Street, NYC


It's my favorite  designer consignment store—INA, and last night was the unveiling of its newly expanded men's store on Prince Street.  I went with my much-missed friend Glenn Belverio, who I haven't seen all summer long (he's been busy jet-setting all over Europe covering Fashion Weeks and being ridiculously fabulous...whatever).  The party also served as the setting for a new Bravo reality TV show (tentatively titled Kell on Earth) about Kelly Cutrone, founder of People's Revolution, who also represents INA.

Mister Lee...

...and his cool spiked wingtip shoes

 Bedecked in sequins (Jim Morrison would be proud)


Just Act Natural: Emily Bungert of People's Revolution greeted Glenn and I with a pretty smile and cameraman glued to her back (the reality of reality television)

Emily (right) breaks away from her shadow for a photo op

Glenn and I, back together again (yay)

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