Bobbito Pro-Keds Royal Flash Sneaker Release Party...NYC


DJ, sneaker aficionado and author of Where’d You Get Those? New York City’s Sneaker Culture:1960-1987, Bobbito Garcia (a.k.a. Kool Bob Love) celebrated the launch of his new Pro-Keds Royal Flush sneaker Wednesday night at the CSV Cultural Center in New York's Lower East Side. Originally released in 1979, this is the first reissue in 30 years.

Three Musketeers: Rich Medina, Bobbito Garcia and Crazy Legs

The sneaker

Stylish guests...

A little arm candy

Now these are my kind of kicks

 Photographer Ricky Powell

 Boys rockin' their Pro-Keds

Brick Lane...London, UK


I just returned from a long weekend in London and, already, can't wait to get back.  The trip was short, but I managed to get a few good things in: the Sony Ericsson UK B-boy Championships World Finals (click the link for the official website) and Sunday afternoon at Brick Lane with my good friend, photographer/stylist/vintage king Markus Maverick, who you'll be hearing a lot more of here on Josie's House of Style as he's agreed to be the new UK Edition.  Brick Lane is probably the best, and as of late, trendiest, flea market in London—sort of an anything-goes marketplace where you'll find everything, from vintage clothes to old-school vinyl.  Needless to say it's also a breeding ground for genuinely cool style. 

The one and only, Mr. Markus Maverick (and P.S...he always looks like this)

The people at Brick Lane...


The Maverick in action.  He's a regular fixture on Brick Lane and has been photographing the scene there for some time now. The two photos below this one are his (good eye + good camera = good for me). 

While on the subject of Markus, it was amazing how many people stopped him to either take a picture or to tell him how absolutely fabulous he is.  On a totally separate occasion the evening before, a (straight) man—director/producer-type—was literally awe struck by him.  So much so that he actually gave him hug because he didn't know what else to do.  (Strange, yes.  And funny, too.)

Here, a photographer asked him to be in a group photo.  Not sure what it was for, but everyone was asked to pretend to tell a secret to the person on their right.

The finished product


Until next time...