Plan Como Party @ The Hudson Hotel...NYC


Plan Como, a Spanish company that, to be totally honest, I'm still not exactly sure what they're all about, hosted a lovely party Friday night to promote leather goods made in Spain (I tagged along with my good friend Glenn Belverio).  The soiree took place in the penthouse at the Hudson Hotel where guests were treated to a scrumptious spread of Spanish eats and equally delicioso wine and cocktails.  Admittedly, I didn't leave with any more knowledge of Spanish leather than I had when I arrived, but Plan Como was kind enough to give me a beautiful, glossy-finished handmade coin purse by a designer called Lolo—made of genuine Spanish leather, of course.

A Keith Haring reproduction on leather. Too cool.

Love the studded boots. Didn't realize at the time that his pant legs were two different colors, too.

I took another picture of him sans waiter in the background, but unfortunately it came out blurry (I blame the yummy Spanish wine for my unsteady hand).  His suit was great—especially with the bright yellow sneakers.

View from the terrace...(Note: the blur, this time, is not due to the Spanish wine.  I put my camera into 'night mode' to try and capture the sparkling lights and cityscape—isn't it amazing? I love the cityscape at night, particularly when I'm standing on the terrace of a fancy penthouse.)

Carole Pope and Glenn Belverio