Nike's Syracuse Futura Collection Launch Party...Nike Store, NYC


Legendary New York graffiti artist Futura is a regular when it comes to collaborating with Nike (the two have teamed on limited-edition, collectible sneakers and sportswear for years). On Monday night they celebrated their newest venture—the Syracuse Futura Collection—at Nike's 21 Mercer store in SoHo. I stopped by for a little while, long enough to catch a few pics of Futura and even check out Nike's exclusive design studio (oooh...). Unfortunately I missed the Q & A at the beginning of the party, which I'm told included a few Syracuse University alumni, ESPN's Jay Corbin and, of course, Futura, followed by a raffle where 21 autographed basketballs were given away. O'well. I know as much about basketball as I do about rocket science, so, with that said, click on this link to learn more about the collaboration and purchase pieces from the new collection.

Futura and one of his new kicks

The artist making his mark on one lucky guests' shoe (can you say "instant collector's item?"...hope they don't end up on eBay)

More shoes from the collection

Futura-designed, down to the sole


Nike's wall of fame—and the entrance to the design studio

Inside The Design Studio: This wall got me excited. I'm no sneaker head but this display of design options is pure eye Skittles—you can just taste the rainbow. (Sure wish my favorite shoe designers would offer this service...)

Sole and fabric options...

A rainbow of laces and thread...

Is it me or is there also something very cool about shiny metal tools...?

The Syracuse Futura Collection Orangemen logo checking out all the action at the Nike store

A Little Souvenir: An Orangemen patch. Again, I know nothing about basketball, but I think this lil' guy's cute. I'm gonna sew him onto my jean jacket this weekend.

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