Dame Vivienne Westwood at RVT.....London


My good friend Markus Maverick went to see the one and only Vivienne Westwood last Thursday night as she took the mic at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (also known as RVT) in South London for a live comedy chat show called Scott Capurro's Position. Here, a few words and pictures from the evening, compliments of Markus:

"The RVT is a very famous gay pub but on that night it was quite a mixed crowd. After the show I was one of the only people she chatted to. She's so kind and very sweet, though I imagine if you got on the wrong side of her she wouldn't be..."

Vivienne Westwood and Markus Maverick

"She chatted on stage for 30 minutes and talked about her career, her husband, who she regards as a genius, and about Malcolm McClaren, her ex and father of one of her sons. She mentioned that when he recently passed away it was on the same day as her birthday. That drew a few sighs from the audience. She gave her thoughts on politics and the upcoming general election... she said all the political parties are as useless as each other. Everyone was captivated by this little old lady as she spouted her words of wisdom. At the end she got rousing cheers and applause."

Vivienne, up close and personal (Markus was literally sitting one foot away)

Viv's shoes (brilliant)

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