The New Grand Tour: Group Exhibition...Opening Reception, NYC


I stopped by the opening reception of "The New Grand Tour: Group Exhibition" on Thursday evening at the Brian Wolkowitz Gallery on 24th St in Chelsea to see one of my favorite artists, José Parlá.  The show also features works by Deanne Cheuk, Rey Parlá, Rostarr, Suitman and Davi Russo.  The concept of The Grand Tour: the artists traveled for 13 days in the Far East back in 2007, starting in Shanghai and eventually making their way to Beijing, creating new works inspired by the places they visited.  (The original concept was born in the late 16th century, but was reserved for young aristocrats who traveled throughout Europe.)  The exhibition ends on July 17. I highly recommend checking it out.

Artist José Parlá

Stylish guests

 I love this piece! (One day I WILL own my very own...)

Tony Ynot, Crazy Legs and José Parlá 

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