Rock Steady Crew 33rd Anniversary - Free Outdoor Concert & Food Drive

Day 2 of the RSC Anniversary: The highly anticipated free outdoor concert at Lincoln Park in Newark, NJ. This year's lineup included Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, Black Sheep, Kurtis Blow, Noreaga...and so many more. One of the highlights for me, though, was watching Rock Steady Crew's new generation of members shine. They maybe be young and still paying dues, but they proved they can definitely hold their own with the pioneers.
(Clear professional-looking photos by Joe Conzo.)

Big Daddy Kane

Rock Steady Crew weren't the only ones with the moves. Big Daddy Kane and his boys give them a run for their money during Kane's performance.

On the other side of the stage, Crazy Legs holds back lil' Bailrok from battling the big boys.

 It's On:  Bailrok declares battle. (It's about to get busy.)

Crazy Legs, stepping in.

Mari Koda, dishing it out.

Old-School and New-School: Kane gives Bailrok and the crew props


It takes a lot to make the Anniversary happen each year. Here, Crazy Legs giving a very special "thank you" to the three RSC rockstars, Alex Aquino, Leah Maxwell and Sebastian Serrano, who help make all the magic happen. 

And later, backstage...Joe Conzo getting interviewed.

Lunch Breaks in the House: D-stroy and Crazy Legs. If you haven't seen the Lunch Breaks show you're missing out on some serious laughs, super cool music and a potpourri of foods prepared by some of hip-hops greatest pioneers. It airs every day from 1:45 - 4:00 pm (EST) at Be sure to tune in.

Me with RSC's Bailrok and Jeromeskee.

 With DJ Evil Dee

Security at the event is of the utmost importance, which is why Crazy Legs and producers only bring in the big dogs.

Stage manager Leah Maxwell manning the all-important artist schedule. As each artist arrived throughout the day, Leah had them sign the schedule, right next to their name. Her own personal RSC 33rd Anniversary keepsake.

Caught in the Act: Crazy Legs explaining to Fever One (right, with Sharpie still in hand) that he had just tagged his name on an area of the schedule that was reserved for one of the artists. ATS (in the middle) observes Fever's fine work.

 RSC's DJ DV One, Bailrok and Feenx hanging out (and enjoying a healthy fruit salad).

Servin' Ervin

What would the Anniversary be without a killer performance by Rock Steady Crew? Here, b-boy Case One.

B-girl Feenx

Popmaster Fabel

Mari Koda

Fever One



Don't think he needs any introduction...

Case One, ATS and Popmaster Fabel

As day turned into night, the concert continued. Here, Canibus takes the stage.

Noreaga stopped by for a surprise performance.

Dres from Black Sheep

Popmaster Fabel, Kurtis Blow, Crazy Legs and b-boy Miguelito backstage

Kurtis Blow, about to take the stage.

These Are The Breaks: Kurtis Blow showed off his breaks during the performance.

B-girl Feenix broke out hers, too.

And the man who helped pioneer breakin', Crazy Legs.

Kurtis and the crew take a bow. A great day...and "goodnight."

ATS, Rock Steady for Life. Until next year...

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