Oskar Metsavaht and Addison O'Dea Celebrate Interview Magazines 'L.A. Art World.....Osklen Store, SoHo

Jan. 24, 2011

Brazilian sportswear line, Osklen, threw a casual cocktail party last Thursday, Jan. 19th at its store on Wooster Street to celebrate Interview Magazine's "L.A. Art World", featured in its December/January issue.  The story boasts that "some of the most provocative, potent art being created in the United States today isn’t coming out of New York City but clear across the continent in Los Angeles" so I'm sure there was some connection (unbeknownst to me) as to why the party was hosted by the Brazil-based brand here in NYC.  In any event, thank you to my good friend, stylist Robyn Fernandes for inviting me. Here, a few fashionable guests.

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