Opening Reception of Ed Templeton's "Teenage Kissers" Photo Exhibit @ Half Gallery...Lower East Side, NYC

Last night I went to the opening reception of artist, photographer and pro-skater, Ed Templeton's new photo exhibit, "Teenage Kissers" at the Half Gallery in the Lower East Side. The title pretty much sums it up—the show features a collection of brilliant (and sometimes funny) photos of young people kissing. Half Gallery is at 208 Forsyth Street. The show is up until the end of July. Check it out!

Designer Cynthia Rowley. When I approached her I was so focused on her shoes that I didn't realize it was her. It wasn't until I asked, "Who makes them?" that I got a good look at her as she answered (slowly), "C-y-n-thia R-o-w-ley..." 
"Y-o-u'rrrre Cynthia Rowley..." I replied. (Duh.)

Cynthia's neon shoes. Fabulous!
Bill Powers, co-owner of Half Gallery, host of the reality show, Work of Art on Bravo (and Cynthia's hubby).

More fabulous shoes. These are my friend Christine's enviable Jimmy Choos.

Ed Templeton and my best friend, the lovely Danielle Saxe. Danielle has modeled for a few of Ed's photos and paintings.

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