Fashion's Night Out, NYC


I love Fashion's Night Out. It's the kick-off of New York Fashion Week and the city's shops and streets are alive and celebrating, giving everyone an excuse to splurge in the name of fashion and to support the economy. This year, I headed uptown with my girls, Danielle Saxe and stylist, Robyn Fernandes to indulge in the festivities. Our first stop: Guissepe Zanotti, one of my favorite shoe designers, on Madison Avenue. To our surprise, Mr. Zanotti himself was at the boutique! I was even lucky enough to get some one-on-one time with him, find out what his top 3 favorite shoes were in the collection and have him help me pick out a pair for myself. The icing on the cake? He signed them for me!

Me with the one-and-only shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti after he signed my newly purchased shoe.

Giuseppe (yeah, we're on a first name basis now...) as he was helping me find the right shoe.

And The Winner Is:  I finally decided on going with this black and pink satin platform (one of Giuseppe's favorites, too).

A guests spiked shoes.

The lovely, Robyn Fernandes.

Our next stop was the Lanvin store, where former mega-model, Iman and Elle magazine's, Joe Zee hosted a dance-off based on Lanvin's fall ad campaign directed by Steven Miesel. Click here to check it out.

Here, some of the contestants battling it out.

Judges, choreographer, Sheryl Murakami and pro basketball player, Dwyane Wade showed off their moves, too.

Joe Zee

Iman and Joe Zee present one of the prizes: A "Lanvin heart's FNO" clutch. Winners also received huge trophies, as seen here on the left.

 The competition's first place winners.

Model, Karen Elson, who you can catch showing off her moves in the Lavin fall ad. She looked absolutely stunning in her all-lace outfit.

We couldn't help it—Robyn and I just had to get a picture with the beautiful (and incredibly ageless), Iman...

...and with Joe Zee.
Our last stop of the evening, Dolce & Gabbana, where we just missed surprise guests, Justin Beiber and Usher. O'well, at least we avoided the mob of fans outside.

Inside, stylists guests.

LOVE these Lanvin shoes! 

 The view from the second floor.

I couldn't pass up a free touch up. Plus, at this point in the evening, I really needed it.

 The makeup artist opted for deep red lips.

 Robyn, after her touch up, looking at lip colors.

 More guests...

 I loved the train on the back her dress. Gorgeous.

Until next year...


  1. I always knew you would some day be a fabulous fashionista. I remember the days when you would plan out and design every club outfit and everyone would admire how amazing you looked. And you still got it! So proud of you Jo! Hugz...<3

    Connie AKA Chanel

  2. Love you, Connie! Those were the days, too!! And if my memory serves me correctly, I borrowed a few bustiers from YOU. :)

  3. Memories of some super fun times. You may have borrowed one or Remember Dee Lite? I will never forget your psychedelic mini dress (you made it yourself didn't you?) and the perfectly matching shoes. Of course that beautiful bright shade of fuschia lipstick. Fabulous!


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