Inspiration: Costa Rica


I know it's been a while. What can I say, life has been busy. Fortunately, travel is one of the things that has been keeping me occupied. I was recently in Quepos, Costa Rica—a small fishing town in the Puntarenas province—for my birthday. This isn't a place where much fashion lives, but instead, where fashion is inspired. (And where one gets much-needed R&R.)

It is impossible to not be awestruck by the beauty of Costa Rica's nature. No wonder they protect and value it more than anything..."Pura Vida!"

I was obsessed with the patterns, colors and textures of these trees.

Even the bugs and unknown creatures were amazing to me (and I usually really dislike those things).

It's incredible how this lil' guy is designed to blend in with it's environment. A natural survival mechanism. 

Ida freaked out if I saw this large spider in the city. But here, it's breathtaking. Look at all of its different patterns.

And then there were these guys—always hangin' around—at the beach, on our terrace—so cute.

One thing we don't often get in the city: straight-from-the-tree, so-sweet, exotic fruit! We had it for breakfast every morning.

 SOMEone's happy

And the fresh seafood (!)

I had a great birthday, by the way...

Pura vida, Costa Rica. Until next time...

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