The Influencers Dinner — Cocktail Party, NYC


You may have read about it in the New York Times or Forbes Magazine: The Influencers Dinner, a private, invitation-only get together, hosted by Jon Levy, where 12 exceptional individuals partake in cooking, eating, networking—and afterward, drinking. Last weekend, my boyfriend was invited as a guest, so I had the honor of attending the second half—the cocktail party, along with my good friend, Peter Connell.

Under the Influence: Me, Jon Levy and Crazy Legs

Party people mingling in the salon

Jon was nice enough to break out a rosé from his wine collection, just for me. He even insisted on a glass (instead of a plastic cup).

 The apartment is filled with art, many of it by Jon's father, the painter Benjamin Levy

The most interesting men in the room: Peter Connell and Crazy Legs

Crazy Legs and actor Jeremiah Bitsui from Breaking Bad

Later in the evening, dinner guests gathered in the bedroom for a special toast. I got to do the honors of sabering the champagne. That was fun!

 The aftermath...

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  1. Such an amazing dinner cocktail party! Glad that everyone had a wonderful time. My sister got engaged recently and they also threw cocktail family party. From they had reserved one of best Venues in NYC for this bash. Really got amazing services on a budget.


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