Rock Steady Crew 37th Anniversary Battles, NYC


Happy 37th Anniversary to Rock Steady Crew! This year's battles went down on Saturday, July 26th at SRB Brooklyn and, as usual, hundreds of dancers from around world came to do their thing. The event was hosted by Grandmaster Caz of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers and Bailey 'BailRok' Munoz (aka Bboy Bailrok) of RSC.

This year, the crew celebrated it's fabulous ladies: (from left) Bonita, Feenx, Mega, Jazzy Jes, My Verse, Kaotic Blaze, Lea Maxwell and Masami

Old school, new school: The legendary Grandmaster Caz and legend in the making Bboy Bailrok

There were a lot of amazing battles, but these two guys caught my attention. So little. Such big attitude. Love it!

The winners of the 2 on 2 bgirl battles, Sunny from NYC and Pauline from Holland, with RSC's Feenx and Bonita

The winner of the 1 on 1 bboy battles: Kidglyde from the Dynamic Rockers, with RSC's Crazy Legs, EZ Mike, Ynot and Bonita

Love these RSC ladies: My Verse, Kaotic Blaze, Jazzy Jes, Feenx

Honey Dips in the house: Lea Maxwell, Crazy Legs and Grace Gonzaga 

Trifecta: Mega, Masami and Joe Conzo

News 12 interviewing Grandmaster Caz

Me and my bestie, Danielle Saxe

 Rock Steady Crew: (clockwise) EZ Mike, DJ JS-1, Crazy Legs, My Verse, Bailrok, Feenx, Jazzy Jes, Kaotic Blaze, Lea Maxwell and Ynot

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