September In Greece, Part II: Ios

Ios is a small island just north of Santorini (about a 45-minute ferry ride away). It's best known for its beaches—and, during high season, its nightlife and party scene. We went there for one thing: chilling. The hotel we stayed at is called Liostasi, which I highly recommend if you ever visit. It's a short drive up the cliffside from the port, walking distance to the island's main village, Chora, and the people, the grounds and the food were all UH-mazing! Oh, and the view of the sea…(!!!).

Looking out from the port.

Liostasi Hotel. Loved it here! Our stay was short—only a few days, but we made friends with much of the staff, who were beyond friendly.

You can take the boy out of the Bronx, but...

"Crazy Legasus."

A top shelf bar and St. Germain made Legs and Peter very happy.

Swimming as the sun sets made David happy.

THIS is my happiness!

Sunset selfie (had to!).

The hotel lit up at night. Stunning.

Sleeping beauty: Catching up on some much-needed R&R.

We spent a day at Mylopotas Beach, which, during high season, is apparently super-crowded. In September, it's perfect, though. There's still plenty of people, but it's not a sh*t show, the weather and water are warm—and chairs and sun beds are free. 

Another beautiful sunset.

I love aged buildings like this. This was somewhere along the way between Mylopotas and our hotel.

The main village, Chora, is old and incredibly charming. It's made up of narrow, hilly stone paths and stairs full of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs (completely inaccessible to cars).

We ate a restaurant called Katogi, where the dishes are served mezze style (small, like tapas). If you're ever in Ios, this place is a must! The food is to die for, the people are fun and super-friendly and the decor is colorful, bohemian and kitschy. I wish I would have taken a picture before we dove in, but I recommend everything on the menu (which is pretty much what we ordered).

"Opa!" Ouza, the traditional Greek after-dinner drink.

Next up: Athens...

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