Inside the tents...Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NYC

Day one of New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park and the buzz is in full swing (well, the open bar there may have something to do with it too...). As usual, what's going on off the runways is what gets my attention and there were plenty of stylish peeps to keep my camera clicking away. Be sure to stay tuned...there's lots more where this came from.

For once, in front of the camera...the one-and-only Patrick McMullen

Working the stockings...

...and working that bag

Looking lovely in yellow

Harajuku girls

Go gladiators

Rocking the paint splatter look

Looking sexy in black

Took photos of these guys at the RSC Anniversary. Love em...

...this is their queen bee

Photo ops on the F train:

He was on the train as I was heading over to Bryant Park. How cute is he in his tie and metallic silver sneaker boots...

I caught these 'ladies' (and men) on the train after leaving Bryant Park. They said they were headed to Philly for some club. A long ways to travel for a night out in my book, but according to them, the best gay club--period. They were very sweet. I hope they had a good time...

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  1. J were you at bryant park on friday? cool photo of McMullen. i'm sure i'll spot you out again soon.


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