Round 2: Inside the tents...Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Bryant Park


New York Fashion Week, day three. Nuff said.

Coordinated from gotta love it

Looking cool in short shorts and tall boots

Accessory du jour: The Man Bag...

...I took a picture of stylist David Melton (below) on day one. He was rockin' a fab man bag then, too. (Work it, girl.) And how cute are those top-siders?

A vision in white...with a 1920's vibe. Very pretty.

Rockin' the sunglasses at night. Loving the polka dot bow tie.

This is Mari J. I photographed her in the Lower East Side a while back. She was sporting a funky Pucci-esque ensemble that was hard to pull off, which I can appreciate. Clearly she rocks a lot of hard-to-pull-off outfits, which is why I'm giving her two spots in my house of style. I'm sure you'll be seeing her here again soon...

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