Far From, Close: by Helena Christensen...Opening Reception @ Dactyl Foundation, SoHo


Supermodel, photographer and overall do-gooder Helena Christensen hosted the opening reception of her new photo exhibition "far from, close" Monday night at Dactyl in SoHo. The exhibit is a series of images that include "environments, characters, objects and somber abstractions," and for every work sold the Dactyl Foundation will give a kid at ICP at The Point in the south Bronx a camera to pursue his or her own creative vision (I love that). Profits will be donated to The Point and to CPI Chernobyl organization.
The exhibit runs till Jan. 10.

Artist/founder of the Dactyl Foundation Neil Grayson, ?, Vogue's European editor-at-large Hamish Bowles, Helena Christensen and legendary b-boy Crazy Legs

Helena looking absolutely stunning (like that's a big surprise...) with Crazy Legs

Photographer Jeremy Kost

PR extraordinaire Kelly Cutrone (and her fabulous Rick Owens jacket)

Actor/comedian Judah Friedlander

And fashionable guests...

Few people can get away with an orange bob...She wears hers very well.

I just liked the way his tie popped


Rocking the bangs


  1. Hi there! I'm new to your blog but I enjoy it very much, and always look forward to see what you're wearing. Happy Holidays!

  2. So glad you enjoy it, Valley Girl. Happy Holidays back at ya! :)


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