Yes We Can Can Food Drive.....320 Studios, NYC

Jan. 3, 2009

What better way to bring in the new year than by giving back. That's why every year I look forward to the annual "Yes We Can Can Food Drive" hosted by none other than Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew (it's also his official birthday bash). Held on Jan. 2, this year's party took place high above Manhattan at 320 Studios. One of the things I love most about this event--aside from the great DJ lineup which included Little Louie Vega, Tony Touch, DV One and the birthday boy himself, Crazy Legs--is that everything is free but invited guests have to bring canned food for entry. NO exceptions. The food is donated to The Point Community Development Corporation in the Bronx and gets distributed to families in need within the community.

Birthday boy Crazy Legs and Rosie Perez

Fabulous in a fuchsia leather jacket

Le Tigre: Spam sportin' a fierce feline sweater (meow)

DJ Rich Medina stops by before heading to his usual Friday night gig at Santos

Strike a Pose: Looking stunning in sequins

Always stylin' Robyn Fernandes

Grandmaster Caz and his lovely lady friend rockin' the red boots

Little Louie Vega, me and Crazy Legs
Photo: Joe Conzo

Rosie Perez and Peter Connelly

The evening's drink du jour: "The Ciroc Steady", a blend of ciroc vodka and a special lemonade

Ari Kassman

Photographer extraordinaire, Joe Conzo

BFF's: Angel Deleon and Crazy Legs

Rosie and I bring out the birthday cakes...

Birthday cake blowout

No, I'm not about to be sick here. Not sure how it happened, but somehow the cake managed to slip off my plastic tray...Yes, that's right, I dropped the cake. Fortunately though (and amazingly) the cake was on a cardboard plate and landed face up, totally untouched. Although maybe just a bit flatter. Pshew!

Jake Kassman. He was nice enough to hold my bag while Rosie and I brought out the cakes. 45 minutes later, while standing in line at the bar, he assures me my bag is still in safe hands. Thank you, Jake! I'm glad one of us remembered...

Little Louie Vega doin' his thing...

...and of course, b-boys doing theirs

MC D-stroy

(from left) Tony Touch, Crazy Legs, DV One, Rosie Perez and Q Unique
Photo: Joe Conzo

Better late than never: Melle Mel arrives after 2 am, just in time to take a few pictures, wish Legs a happy birthday and leave with the rest of us.

The event drew in tons of canned food. This was only half of it.

A good night. And thank goodness for Red Bull and Ciroc.


  1. love the photos.
    you look fabulous ;)


  2. GREAT PICS!!! Lookin good yo... I ate a piece of that cake after it fell... but.. i think alotta people did..


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