Rock Steady Crew 31st Anniversary...Afterparty, SoHo


The last, last event of the Anniversary: The Afterparty.

After 4 and half fun-filled days of all things Rock Steady, the afterparty, held at the Red Bull space in SoHo, is the last "hoorah". For some, like the people who make it all happen, it's also a sigh of relief and the one place they can finally 'chill-ax'.

Here's to another great year. Until next time...

Funky AND fresh. I love these guys.

DJ Evil Dee rockin' the megaphone

A very special--not to mention emotional--video montage in memory of Frosty Freeze was shown during the event, with footage from Flashdance, Style Wars and a slew of others. Here, an interview with Frosty and Crazy Legs.

B-girl Renegade

Red Bull's cool bar complete with video screens to ensure one remains entertained while waiting for their drink...

Of course there's a B-boy battle...This is the Rock Steady Anniversary

The Men Who Make it Happen: RSC's Sebastian Serrano and Crazy Legs

Rock Steady Crew

Rock Steady Crew 31st Anniversary...Outdoor Concert, Lincoln Park, Newark


The finale of the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary is the free outdoor concert. And this year was extra special as the entire event was dedicated to the late Frosty Freeze, and the concert itself serving as a food drive--the food being donated in Frosty's name to under privileged families in Newark.

Rock Steady Crew put on a very special performance in memory of Frosty and a few surprise guests like Ice-T and Fat Joe even stopped by to perform and pay their respect. This year's lineup also included Hip Hop heavyweights KRS One, Craig G & Marley Marl, Soul Sonic Force, and Grandmaster Caz...just to name a few. As always, the concert was quite a memorable event, leaving us all anxious for next year.

Rest in peace, Frosty Freeze.

The one and only Rock Steady Crew

Fabel, Coco, Ice-T, and Crazy Legs hangin' backstage
Photo: Joe Conzo

Ice-T showing off his Coco
Photo: Joe Conzo

Fat Joe


Rain Rain Go Away: The dedicated crowd didn't let rain earlier in the afternoon spoil the day.

This is G3. Aren't they adorable? They won a contest in Japan. The grand prize was performing at the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary. They're super cute AND they have some serious skills.
Photo: Joe Conzo

KRS One, Fat Joe, and Crazy Legs

Peace, Frosty Freeze

Rock Steady Crew 31st Anniversary...Crew Battles, SoHo


One of the most exciting and highly anticipated events during the RSC Anniversary is the crew battles, where b-boys/girls get down and do their thing on the dance floor.
And while pictures can hardly capture the thrill of the dancing and all, believe me when I say that Friday and Saturday's battles were straight up nasty (and I mean that in the best way, of course!).

It's incredibly difficult to photograph breaking--the moves and the dance happen so fast. That is unless you're a pro, like photographer Joe Conzo (photos below), whose camera has been capturing Hip-Hop since day one.

Rock Steady Crew 31st Anniversary..."For The Funk Of It" Funkstyles Party, SoHo


The Rock Steady Crew 31st Anniversary is officially on. And after a long hot day of concrete battles and dance workshops people were lined up and ready to get loose at the Red Bull space in SoHo for the "For The Funk Of It" funkstyles party. As expected, the fashions were fresh and the vibe was funky. The evening ended with a fabulous performance by the legendary Kurtis Blow.

New School: A serious throwback to the 80s and gotta love em.

Steady Rockin': B-girl Bonita

Kurtis Blow

Old School: Sebastian Serrano, Kurtis Blow, and Crazy Legs

Rock Steady Crew 31st Anniversary...Pre-Party @ adidas Originals, SoHo

Another year, another anniversary. Rock Steady Crew kicked off their famous annual RSC Anniversary--this year marks their 31st--with a pre-party at the adidas Originals, SoHo store on Wednesday night. The party is just the beginning of the 4-day event, which will include crew battles, a funk party, a free outdoor concert, after parties, and of course, lots of legendary Hip Hop heads. Stay tuned...

Hip Hop in the House: Crazy Legs and Grandmaster Caz

Marc 'Smerk' Cancino


Like Father, Like Son: Armani and Sweepy and their colorful kicks below

Renegade, Fever 1, and Jeskilz

Neil Jackson and Danielle Saxe

The newly tricked out adidas Originals store, complete with 2 computerized shoe stations to customize your own kicks, and a video and camera wall in the shape of the adidas logo where you can take pictures, print them out, and be featured on the wall.

Yoko Devereaux Spring '09 Fashion Show @ The Classic Car Club...SoHo


It was all hats off--or in this case hats on--at the Yoko Devereaux fashion show Monday night. Designer Andy Salzer presented a preppy spring '09 collection for the edgy menswear label (think rolled jeans, oversized cardigans, and striped tailored jackets), but as usual, it was the looks off the runway that grabbed my attention.

The look du jour: Straw fedoras.