INA Men Store Opening...Prince Street, NYC


It's my favorite  designer consignment store—INA, and last night was the unveiling of its newly expanded men's store on Prince Street.  I went with my much-missed friend Glenn Belverio, who I haven't seen all summer long (he's been busy jet-setting all over Europe covering Fashion Weeks and being ridiculously fabulous...whatever).  The party also served as the setting for a new Bravo reality TV show (tentatively titled Kell on Earth) about Kelly Cutrone, founder of People's Revolution, who also represents INA.

Mister Lee...

...and his cool spiked wingtip shoes

 Bedecked in sequins (Jim Morrison would be proud)


Just Act Natural: Emily Bungert of People's Revolution greeted Glenn and I with a pretty smile and cameraman glued to her back (the reality of reality television)

Emily (right) breaks away from her shadow for a photo op

Glenn and I, back together again (yay)

"Street Level" book release @ Clic Gallery and "Pop Is Dead" party @ BoConcept...SoHo


Last night I went to the opening reception and book release party for Street Level: New York Photographs 1987-2007 by celebrated photographer Sue Kwon at the Clic Gallery on Broome Street. Guests—a hip downtown crowd of friends and fans—were packed wall-to-wall to check out Kwon's classic black and whites on exhibit and snatch up a signed copy of her book. Kwon's images capture 'only-in New York' life spanning over 20 years. The exhibit is up until Oct. 4th, so if you're in New York I highly recommend checking it out.

Fashionable guests...

 Loved the Christian Dior shoes

The scene

Photographer Sue Kwon

 A few images from the book

A few blocks away on Greene Street, BoConcept—the Denmark-based uber-urban furniture design store—hosted "Pop is Dead", a themed party that, admittedly, I'm still not totally clear on. Regardless, it was a fun-filled evening that included people in costume (think Michael Jackson, Elvis, Marylin Monroe...that part I got),  live art installations and  pink cocktails complimentary of Nuvo.

What a beauty. I absolutely love her look...

 ...and her shoes

Her Vera Wang necklace was stunning—a true statement piece

What a rockstar. I asked her if I could take her picture and this is what she gave me. I love a girl who knows how to work it for the camera.

Fashion's Night Out...NYC


It was an evening of extravaganzas:  "Fashion's Night Out" on Thursday, Sept. 10 was a city-wide celebration to kick off New York Fashion Week, turning the streets everywhere into one giant runway of style.  So, armed with a brand new camera (a high-tech Canon borrowed from my best friend Danielle), I set off to do what I like to do best: shop, enjoy a few drinks and take pictures of fashionable people on the streets.

My first stop, The Mercer, one of my favorite watering holes, to meet up with Danielle for a few glasses vino and a quick crash course on how to use her camera.

Danielle Saxe

And we're off...
Just next door to The Mercer, we stopped into the J.Crew store on Prince Street where my friend, jewelry designer Lisa Finkelstein, was hosting a party and showcasing the new collection.  P.S...If you love sparkling, statement pieces (the necklaces are to-die-for) I highly recommend J.Crew jewelry.

Lisa (left) wearing two stunning necklaces from the recent collection. Me (right) wearing a favorite necklace of my own.

Just across the street from J.Crew, Sienna and Savannah Miller hosted a party at the Intermix store. Rihanna stopped in looking absolutely fierce in head-to-toe black and the sickest studded sunglasses.

The scene outside the store...

Fashionable guests outside...

Next, I passed by the 3.1 Phillip Lim boutique on Mercer Street where the designer and model Irina Lazareanu were hosting their own fashionable fete. I was lucky enough to catch them before they ducked out to join other festivities.

Designer Phillip Lim and model Irina Lazareanu hangin' outside the store

Inside, the champagne was flowing, models were mingling and the boys were looking prepster-chic

Looking lovely in the official Fashion's Night Out t-shirt



I took this picture in front of the Kate Spade boutique while en route to a store called Operations.  How adorable is she with her little bambino? He was such a pro, too—was always looking into the camera. What a cutie.

My good friend Laura Paterson, co-owner of Hot Blondies—the BEST blondies and brownies you'll ever eat—and Danielle striking a pose in the background as we're leaving Operations and on our way to Opening Ceremony.

 The scene as we arrived to the Opening Ceremony store on Greene Street

Anxious shoppers and partygoers waiting in line

Gorgeous girls outside...

 ...and their fabulous footwear

Is it just me, or is pretty uncommon to see an old-school VW bus in Manhattan.  This one was parked in front of Opening Ceremony (I think they were selling stuff out of it...)  My friend Danielle, who grew up with me in Cali and shared the beach-y upbringing of surfer boyfriend's with VW buses, predicts that the surf scene is the next big wave (pun intended) to hit NYC.  We'll see...

Love the spiked vest

 She had on my favorite Gucci shoes

Model Behavior: More models wearing the Fashion's Night out t-shirt

My favorite shot of the evening: photographer Terry Richardson.  I was walking up Greene Street, leaving Opening Ceremony, and just happened to pass him on the street.

Since he was happy to have his picture taken for Josie's House of Style, I of course had to ask him if he'd take a picture with me (he said yes).

Back to surf and NYC.  To further support Danielle's prediction we quickly stopped into Saturdays Surf, a concept store that just opened on Crosby Street.  Interesting...

I took this somewhere in between Terry, Saturdays and my next destination, the Oak boutique.  Bow ties were definitely the accessory of choice for the boys this evening.

Next stop:  Oak on Bond Street

Danielle just may be on to something...

I'm all for the layers of gold chains and studded over-the-knee boots...she's rockin' it

A little hard to see, but I really liked the studded back pocket on his jeans

If you ask me, only a handful of people (including her) could make this outfit look chic and cool...

The scene outside the store

Brad Goreski, famed assistant of super-stylist Rachel Zoe

Leather and lace


The Spiderman stunt rickshaw cabby, famous around Manhattan for taking passengers on wild rides while he does acrobatic tricks on his rickshaw.  His latest victims—guests leaving Oak boutique.

Last stop: Von, where Danielle, Laura and I wrap up our night out with nightcap and I snap my last photo of the evening.