PETA's Fashion Week Party @ Stella McCartney & Adidas Denim Bash, NYC


PETA kicked-off Fashion Week Thursday night with a party at the Stella McCartney store in the Meatpacking District. The soiree was hosted by Tim Gunn of Project Runway, with legendary Lady Bunny on the ones and twos. My date, fashion writer and blogger Glenn Belverio, and I are not PETA members (most of the guests there weren't), so, admittedly, we were a tad nervous about what was appropriate to wear, especially in the dead of winter. Was I going to get paint balled for toting my leather Marc Jacobs bag, or would someone purposely pour champagne all over Glenn's suede Lanvin shoes? Not the case at all (phew). In fact, some guests arrived clad in black leather jackets (note to self: next time go ahead and wear your Rick Owens) and even a shearling coat (although, technically not fur).

Lady Bunny

Liliane Montevecchi—I want to be just like her when I'm of a certain age.

Check out those shoes...
Secretly, I've always wished I could be a bleach blonde. Loved her asymmetrical do....she even cuts it herself.

No turning back.

Lauren Ezersky (PETA what?)

Later that evening (about the time PETA started showing sad films on animal cruelty), Glenn and I parted ways—he went off to the Richie Rich show at the Hammerstein Ballroom—and I headed across town to the Adidas Originals store in SoHo for the launch of its new denim line.

On the turntables: Rock Steady Crew's Crazy Legs

By this third picture, I had to ask: "What's up with the hands over the mouth?"  They said it was "speak no evil" kind of thing.

What would a party with Rock Steady Crew be without a little b-boying?

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