José Parlá: Walls, Diaries and Paintings - Opening Reception and Book Signing, NYC


One of my favorite artists, and friend, José Parlá celebrated his new solo exhibition, "Walls, Diaries and Paintings" on March 3rd at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in Chelsea. The exhibit features 15 amazing new paintings, each one like a snapshot from José's memory of an aged city wall he's seen throughout his travels, distressed with layers of paint, old posters and grafitti. The exhibit is up until April 6th and I highly recommend seeing it if you're in NYC. The gallery also hosted a book signing the following Saturday at The Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room. Not sure where you can buy it, but if you're fan (like me), it's definitely worth getting.

Artist José Parlá puts his signature stamp on my book at the Boom Boom Room.

The book

A lovely guest. So many things I liked about her look: the incredibly long gold earrings (a little dangerous if you think about it, but I'm sure she was very careful with them), her adorable black jumpsuit and, below, her rockin' studded booties.

The Boom Boom Room is on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District. One of the draws of the hotel is the floor-to-ceiling glass walls with stunning panoramic city views...

Even the bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling glass walls. This is what you get to look at when you're sitting down and, well, you know...

Moi, warming up by the fireplace. I like this picture because it looks like there's fireworks outside of the window (it's just the reflection of the round chandeliers).

Ceiling decor....

José, at the opening reception of his new show at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. The pay phone was part of one of his paintings—a large wall resembling an old alleyway. You could hear people talking on the other end. Very cool.

My friends getting in on the conversation.

A few new paintings from the show...

I borrowed these pictures from ARTCARD's review on the show (see the article here, it's well worth reading). Because the paintings are so large (they are "walls" after all), you have to see them in full view.

"Order Pattern Organization Form and Relationship"


"Dekalb Avenue Station"


 Artist, Mare 139 (aka Carlos Rodriguez)

I accidentally snuck into a private room in the gallery where I discovered a few of José's older paintings. They're from a watercolor series that he did several years ago and are some of my personal favorites! There's only 3 left! I think it may have to purchase one before they're completely gone.

Me with the man of the hour, José.

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