Opening Reception of artist Nicolas Pol's solo exhibition, "Sick Atavus of the New Blood"


I went to the opening reception of Paris-based artist, Nicolas Pol's new solo exhibition on May 5th called, Sick Atavus of the New Blood, presented by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld (son of Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of French Vogue).  The show was held  at an industrial space at 500 Washington Street in Soho and featured 36 new paintings, drawings and sculptures.  

Carine Roitfeld, who looked like she was thoroughly enjoying her new-found freedom, showed up mid-evening.

The exhibition "points at the morbidity and violence that undergirds every one of Pol’s rough strokes. Yet it also belies a technological paranoia, both in the sci-fi reference of “Atavus,” and, perhaps, in whatever manner that “new blood” springs forth." (The word "Atavus," by the way, is Latin. It has different meanings, such as "a great-grandfather's grandfather, an ancestor," but Pol's use of the word, he said, has to do with "genital irritation." Here, the show's centerpiece.

Host, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld (right) and Michelle Harper.

A few guests.

Studded sneakers (and a fabulous studded Valentino heel in the background).
My good friend and date, Glenn Belverio, who writes for the blog, Diane, A Shaded View of Fashion, wrote the book, Confessions From The Velvet Ropes: The Glamorous, Grueling Life of Thomas Onorato, New Yorks's Top Club Doorman.  Here he is behind the velvet rope of the glamorous porto-potty.


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