The Perfect Black Jumpsuit

I'm always in search of those perfect black wardrobe staples: the pant, the dress, the jacket, the shoe. Recently I've been on the hunt for "the perfect black jumpsuit," with no avail, of course. The problem? There's a hundred choices but, for whatever reason (price, fit, detail) nothing is just right. I've had my eye on these 3, which narrows down my search. Now the question is: WHICH ONE? 

Day Birger et Mikkelsen - $465. The embellishment is a bonus, but then everything else (shoes, accessories) has to work around it.

Thakoon Addition - $625. Gorgeous—love the drape. Would obviously need to have the legs hemmed unless I plan on always wearing it with 6" platforms. Which brings up another thought, with this silhouette, I'm locked into a pant length that will always require sky-high heels (that's just me...).

Yves Saint Laurent - $2490. There is nothing I don't LOVE about this jumpsuit...except the price tag.

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