"The Dandy's New York" Photo Exhibit Opening Reception, Dorian Grey Gallery, NYC

This past Tuesday I went to the opening reception of "The Dandy's New York" photo exhibit by photographer Molua Muldown and multi‐media artist Lisa Pan at the Dorian Grey Gallery in New York's East Village. The show's subject: famed dandy, Patrick McDonald. The exhibit features a series of portraits, mixed-media collages and Patrick's own poetry taken over the course of 10 years.
Honestly, I'm surprised a show like this hasn't happened sooner. Patrick has been a muse and model for many in the fashion and art worlds since he arrived in New York in the late '70s. This show is a testament to him being one of—if not THE—most celebrated and recognized dandy's today and it definitely left me wanting to know more.
The exhibit is up until March 4.

The one and only, Patrick McDonald

Photographer, Molua Muldow

Lauren Ezersky

Italo Portesani and fashion illustrator extraordinaire, Bil Donovan

Laren Stover

Paisley Dalton

Ronald Jackson

My wonderful date, Glenn Belverio, enjoying a martini before the show.

This is my favorite photo from the show. A intimate glimpse of Patrick, sans makeup (and still looking fabulous), in bed at home.

On the subject of Dandyism, I stumbled upon a great blog called The Dandy Portraits, which features lovely photos of Patrick at his home in New York. Check it out!

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