EVA Cocktail Party.....Downtown NYC


Last night I accompanied my good friend, blogger and fashion writer Glenn Belverio, to an intimate cocktail party at the boutique EVA on Bowery in downtown NYC. The boutique is known for carrying directional, emerging designers and yesterday celebrated the unveiling of a new installation by the art and design collaborative ffiXXed, based in Shenzen, China. A few pictures from the evening...

I couldn't stop trying these sunglasses on. You know when you're really attracted to something and want so badly for it be right for you, but no matter how many different times you look at it on yourself, there's just something about it that's off (I'm sure you've all dated someone like this)? Well, such was the case here. They had a thick half frame design with steel at the top—so cool. "You need them for your trip to Spain," Glenn insisted. But no dice. They just weren't quite my steez. I highly recommend them to anyone who likes big black shades, though. They're by a company called Cast and they're available on EVA's website here.

The style is called Goodnight Flamingo.

Always a perfect date, Glenn Belverio and moi.

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