Rivington Hotel Penthouse Party...LES


Since my best friend Danielle's recent arrival to NYC, I've been spending a lot of my time in the Lower East Side where she currently resides. This was the case on Sunday when her, my boyfriend and I decided to stop in at the Hotel on Rivington (conveniently located just around the corner from her apartment) for a late afternoon cocktail. As we were sitting outside at Thor, people watching and enjoying the wonderful breeze, someone spotted my boyfriend and eventually asked if we'd like to come upstairs to the Penthouse for a private party. Little did we know it was going to be this vast duplex, completely glassed in, with ridiculous 360 degree views. The real kicker, though, the suites 3rd floor: A spacious landscaped rooftop terrace complete with jacuzzi and, of course, even more ridiculous views. I love discovering new things serendipitously...

Nice view

Tub for two

My pictures hardly to the space justice. I highly recommend clicking here to really see what I'm talking about. Until next Sunday...


  1. Well dear thanks for having these words about your best penthouse nyc ,at this grand “Rivington Hotel”. I am also planning to visit there along with my boyfriend. He is fond of food too much. So tell me; can we get enough variety there in food?


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